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We learned about the potential benefits of medical treatment abroad while trying to save a member of our own family, a doctor himself.


We try to use the knowledge we gained back then, to help other people that are in the same situation we were once ourselves. 

The team at Aviv Dan Medical is a very qualified, diversely experienced, multinational team, comprised of nurses, doctors and tourism specialists. All of our staff speak Russian, English and Hebrew and many of us have experience working in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves in the fact that between us, we have worked in most of the major public and private hospitals in Israel, including but not limited to, Hadassah, Sheeba, Ichilov, Herzliya Medical Center and Assutta. Between us, we have countless years of experience in the field of Medical Tourism, having previously worked in at least five major medical tourism firms, before becoming members of the team at Aviv Dan Medical. Being a member of the team at Aviv Dan Medical is a privilege the we cherish and after having worked at so many different medical institutions, we would all gladly tell you that no place is like the place that we work now. Our years of experience is just one of the factors that sets us apart from other medical tourism firms where often the only requirement is knowledge of language. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a service that is possibly unparalleled in the field. Come and experience the difference of Aviv Dan Medical where the staff are dedicated to the vocation of healing.


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What We Do

Medical Tourism, Medical Brokerage, Medical Facilitation, Medical organization- are all terms for the same thing, if done properly. What this means and what Aviv Dan Medical specializes in, is the organization of medical treatment based on the specific wants and needs of each and every patient.

Stage 1-Planning

Step 1. Evaluation

            Aviv Dan Medical employs a group of doctors and specialists that are proficient in various fields of medicine and understand the mentality of people coming from abroad to receive medical care. We have a unique understanding of the various discrepancies that can occur between the medical care systems in different countries, based on our teams multi-cultural medical experience and we are therefore more than qualified to take the first look at a patients medical documents, if he or she has them, or simply listen to the patients needs and wants and decide how to proceed.

Step 2. Formulating a plan

            Based on our preliminary understanding of the medical state of the patient and after conferring with each and every specialist necessary to gain the maximum amount of understanding about the patients state, we formulate a list of things that the patient needs to do upon arrival or even back home.

Step 3. Creating a schedule

            Based on the formulated plan and the prerogative of the patient, we create a schedule for their medical care in Israel. We make sure that the patient receives the best possible medical treatment in the least amount of time, as we know that being away from home for long periods of time can be difficult. We make sure to organize all of the diagnostics and treatments in the specific time frame of the patient, going back and forth between doctors and patient to make sure that everything is done in the least possible time necessary in each specific case.

Step 4. Case Management

            We are available to patients throughout our planning process, until they arrive, throughout their stay and even after they leave, making sure that we are their one stop shop, for all of their medical needs. We make sure that each and every doctor involved in the medical care of the patient is in agreement on the results of the diagnostics and the treatment. We are available 24/7 to our patients if any changes need to be made or any circumstances arise that need to be addressed.

Stage 2 -Treatment

Step 5. Diagnostic

            Every treatment starts with proper diagnostics. The various reasons for preforming diagnostic treatments are:

A.     To prove or disprove an existing diagnosis- often misdiagnosis that are disproven here through more modern methods of diagnostics send patients who thought they needed treatment back home with a feeling of relief

B.     To decide the appropriate form of treatmentpatients often discover that we offer more modern (effective) treatments than those that are know back home.

C.     To establish a reason for a persons symptoms and/or ill state more often than not there is a reason behind our symptoms.

D.    To inform It is a good idea to get an check-up, depending on your age, sex and pre-existing conditions, at specific intervals of time.

Step 6. Possible Treatment

            After the specialist who will be preforming the treatment, confirms a patient’s need for it, we make arrangements with the specialist and the medical facility and the treatment can be done. We are as always available at all times and one of our representatives will be present to address any issues throughout the treatment duration.

Step 7. Conclusion

            When everything is done and the patient is on his her way to recovery and the green light is given to go back home, we give the patient all of his or her documents, original and translated, make sure that they have a full understanding of everything already done and what is to be done in the future and as always continue to stay in touch.

Step 8. Follow Up

            We make sure to follow up with a patient long after they go home. We make sure that the patient feels well and everything is going according to plan. If any unexpected circumstances arise we immediately get in touch with the specialist and make sure that the patient is given concrete directions regarding what needs to be done.


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