The Assuta medical facility presents the major and leading private medical center located in the northern part of Tel-Aviv.

Within the recent years, Assuta has increased the number of its divisions and the range of services  rendered and, as of today, it comprises 11 medical centers located all over the country.

Thanks to the “private clinic” status, the Assuta facility has achieved the status of a pace setter in many medical service aspects, the Center also possessing special such privileges as an option of selecting the operating medical specialist from any medical center of Israel.

The Assuta medical personnel is made up of highest-qualification professionals who work using medical equipment complying with the requirements of high international standards, including the “da Vinci”    robot making it possible to perform unique operations. The Assuta medical specialists conduct clinical research work, whose results are published in high-rate medical publications  – it enables the Center to serve as a  model of professionalism and technical perfection.

The patient is always in the focus of Assuta’s approach to rendering services, it is therefore that the treatment standard of the Israeli Assuta clinics network is the highest in Israel and worthily referred to  as the “gold” one.

In February, 2011, the Assuta Center was awarded the JCI (International healthcare accreditation) accreditation certificate, which does testify to the high international level of its activities and, thus, attracts patients seeking medical care from all over the world.

The center has at its disposal inpatient departments listed below:

The comfort level of the Assuta inpatients’ stay conditions complies with that of the world’s best private clinics, the center offering its clients spacious and comfortable wards as well as meals with a wide choice of wholesome dishes on the menu.

Annually, some 92,000 operations are performed in the Assuta hospitals, which makes 10% of the total number of operations handled in all of the Israeli medical centers, as well as around 683,000 outpatient checkups and treatment procedures, 439,000 diagnostic surveys (таких, как МРТ, КТ, маммография и пр.), 4,000 cardiac catheterization procedures and 16,000 extracorporal fertilization procedures. The Assuta facility has 1500 highly qualified medical specialists on the staff.

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