Hadassah hospital can boast many achievements throughout its many years of existence. It was a present from the Rothschild family in 1918 and has since served the people of Jerusalem and the surrounding area as well as people all over israel and abroad. Since its inception, Hadassah has added two university hospital buildings which together include 1000 hospital beds and five schools of medicine in collaboration with the Hebrew University. More than a million patients enter and exit the doors of Hadassah throughout the span of a year, with many turning specifically to Hadassah because it contains facilities that are the best of their kind in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, in certain cases in all of Israel, and yet in others, in the world. 5000 employees make sure that these patients receive the best medical care possible and work daily to save or better the lives of people from all over the world. Hadassah can also be proud of the fact that it has trained more than 700 students from over 90 different countries for a master of Public health and has worked with various countries and health care organizations to help people involved in catastrophes.

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