The Tel-Aviv Souraski (Ichilov) Medical Center presents one of the three major medical centers in Israel. It performs all of the therapeutic and diagnostic practices that are currently employed worldwide using advanced and latest procedures.
Apart from its medical activities, the Sourasky Center is also a scientific research and training center as attached to the Tel-Aviv University medical faculty named after Suckler and to a specialized school for medical personnel training named after Sheinborn.
The hospital premises occupy an area of 150,000 square meters presents a general profile medical facility providing all kinds of therapeutic, diagnostic and surgical departments.
Also functioning in the center are (single) purpose-oriented medical facilities, namely DANA DUEK – one of the unique children’s clinic and a multi-field hospital in Israel, The Lis-Materini (Maternity) center offering its patients the whole range of services in the domain of modern obstetrics and gynecology, the Sami-Ofer cardiocenter, etc.
The Sourasky center has a capacity of 1100 beds and comprises 150 policlinic departments designed to admit up to one million of patient visits a year. It accommodates the national centers for adult and children’s neurosurgery, oncosurgery; the All-Israel nephrological center; the center for kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation, etc. The two intense care departments (the surgical and the cardiological) accomplish nursing care of seriously ill patients upon major operations performance and in case of badly injured patients. For the first time ever in Israel, the intense care wards are arranged in the surgical department proper and operate as an integral and indispensable part thereof. Currently, TAMAZ has on its staff 1300 medical specialists and 2050 paramedical attendants. Apart from the fulfillment of their regular duties in the center, the medical specialists are also engaged in scientific research work and teaching at the Te-Aviv University medical faculty chairs.

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