Hyginex, an innovative approach to what is often the first step in ridding any workplace, especially medical facilities of preventable diseases. Hyginex is a system that tracks the hand washing effectiveness of any wearer in a workplace. It tracks the hand movements of the wearer to alert him or her as to when it is necessary to wash their hands. It also tracks the hand movements and the duration of the actual hand-washing process to make sure that the person’s hands are thoroughly cleaned every time.

In places like hospitals where patient’s immune systems are often compromised and an infection is especially dangerous, it is absolutely necessary to approach the subject with increased vigilance. This is exactly what Hyginex does. It tracks and reports on the hand hygiene habits of any and each employee and allows for the thorough monitoring of said hygiene. In trials undertaken by Hyginex, it was evident that the wearer paid closer attention to his or her hand hygiene and washed their hands more often as well as increased the duration of their hand washing.

Hyginex offers an innovative technological solution to a seemingly simple yet very important problem. Hygiene is an extremely important part of stopping the spread of preventable diseases in professional institutions such as hospitals, restaurants and any workplace. This system is currently being implemented in all of the major medical centers in Israel and may soon be the standard for hand hygiene in the country.

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