Braingate technology is a technology currently undergoing clinical trials. It is a technology that allows people who have lost use of all of their limbs to be able to move things through the power of thought. Braingate technology works by attaching a brain implant which monitors brain activity and through the tracking of movements of neurons, it allows a person to be able to move an object such as a mouse, wheelchair, joystick or robotic arm. The initial stages of trials show that this is something that has a certain degree of success but within the next years will certainly become even more advanced. The hope is that in the future, people that previously had no control over their limbs will be able to move around freely through this device. This device also has numerous implications for the world of neurology because if the brain implant can correctly read a person’s thoughts to move a simple object, then through the perfection of this technology we can possibly use it to study and potentially cure all kinds of diseases that originate in the brain.

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