RealView Medical Holography-

Is an imagining system developed in Israel that creates 3d floating images that can be manipulated by touch. It creates the most accurate 3d visual images possible and allows surgeons to interact with the image in the same way they would with the real thing. This means that surgeons going in to a heart surgery can actually see a 3d image of the patients heart beforehand and have a very detailed understanding of the organ before going into surgery. This is a very important factor in high-risk surgeries where time is a factor and going into the surgery with the utmost understanding of the structure of the heart is necessary. This system can be customised to work with all of the existing imaging equipment that provide 3d images through a 2d screen but instead of a 2d screen you have a 3d object that you can manipulate not through a mouse but with hands, a catheter or whatever else you wish.

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