Israel is one of the only countries in the world where the number one killer of its citizens, is not coronary heart disease. Such is the case in most countries in the world including the US, Canada and most of Europe. Early detection of the symptoms of cardiac trouble can lead to earlier treatment and can save lives. In fact, it is the way that we can best avoid fatal heart attacks and it is the way that Israel was able to move cardiac disease from the number one spot as its deadliest killer.


Innovations such as SensAheart are leading the way in developing a monitor that can sense a heart attack before or while it is in progress, allowing medical professionals to take the necessary means before it is too late. Since, Myocardial infarctions can take days to develop, sometimes people are not able to recognize the symptoms and continue to function normally whilst in the middle of a heart attack. This in turn makes the problem more and more acute as the infarction progresses.


Sensaheart uses a single drop of blood to analyze for the presence of Troponin and levels of FABP3, which are two concrete indicators of an occurring or imminent heart attack. SensAheart is able to decipher the data within minutes and informs its wearer as to whether they can relax or if they need to rush to the hospital immediately.


SensAheart is currently undergoing clinical trials and may be available for use in the near future.

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