A unique Israeli startup that is focused on regulating LAP (Left Atrial Pressure) through an inter-atrial shunt in order to improve the quality of life for people with chronic heart failure. Currently undergoing further investigation, it has already been implanted in 30 patients and may soon be available for the mass market.

Chronic heart failure is an illness that effects millions of people worldwide and is a leading cause of death and hospitalisation. This device is intended to help patients that experience both preserved and reduced ejection fraction or both diastolic and systolic heart failure. This shunt regulates LAP which is the cause of over 3 million hospitalizations a year, and therefore the cause of worsening of symptoms and quality of life for all of those patients.

If the V-Wave passes all of the clinical trials, it will mean that there is a new, breakthrough method of relieving some of the symptoms associated with elevated LAP, on the mass market. Elevated LAP is the main reason for the worsening of symptoms for people with chronic heart failure and a solution to this problem means a better life for millions of people worldwide. 

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