Our Story

Coming from a long history of doctors, dating back many generations, the founders of Aviv Dan Medical and their relatives were making people feel better, for hundreds of years. Initially hailing from Ukraine and later from Russia, the family name was synonymous with people to whom you could turn, if your health ever took a turn for the worse.

Initially helping people in our homeland of the USSR, we stumbled on the benefits of seeking medical care abroad, whilst trying everything to save someone of our own, a doctor from our own family. Deciding not to take no for an answer when all the doctors we turned to in Russia said that he only had a short time to live with his progressed lung cancer, we looked abroad. We tried everything we could and found a doctor in Italy that was able to reassure us that he would be able to cure him. After surgery and some follow up treatment, our elder, the same one that was given a death sentence in Russia, went back to his hospital to continue helping others, within the span of a month.

Needless to say, we were ecstatic at the result and marveled at the level of medicine beyond the borders of our home country. We continued to help many other people that were diagnosed with serious illnesses and those that could not be helped at home. In fact, we became one of the first families to engage in Medical Tourism in Russia, more than 20 years ago, even if we didn’t know back then, that “Medical Tourism,” is what it was called.



Now our story continues and we continue to help people in the same way that we had back then. Deciding to take advantage of all the medical innovations and level of medical expertise in Israel, as well as the proximity to Russia, we have expanded. We opened up Aviv Dan Medical so that we could reach out to more people and spread the understanding that it is never time to call it quits and that there is always something that can be done!



“Medical Tourism” is much more than an occupation for the people at Aviv Dan Medical; it is a calling based on the idea of helping people, that has been a part of the history of its founders for hundreds of years. We take pride in what we do and we treat all of our patients as our own family. Our patients can rest assured that in the spirit of our family, we never give up and never take no for an answer.

Innovative Medicine, Traditional Care
Our Mission

Aviv Dan Medical is dedicated to their clients. We offer medical services of the highest caliber in the most advanced medical centers and the most qualified, internationally renowned specialists. Furthermore, because we understand the difficulty of receiving medical treatment in an unfamiliar place, we always do our best to make you feel a little bit more comfortable, in situations where it might be hard to be.

Offering personalised service from multilingual, Russian-speaking professionals, we will make sure that you understand every detail regarding the status of your health. All of our staff are highly qualified and you will have a medical translator at your disposal, whenever you need.

Needless to say, we offer any kind of additional services, from chauffeurs to guides, tours and hotel reservations and anything else that our clients need. Every treatment is tailor-made specifically for the person receiving the treatment based on preliminary diagnoses either from their home, or which can be performed the very day that the patient lands.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or for our help in any aspect regarding your stay and treatment in Israel, as any question or request is another chance for us to show you that we care!

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