Rabin (Bellinson)

The Rabin Medical Center, comprising the multi-field Beilinson and Hasharon hospitals presents on e of the major medical institutions in Israel. It incorporarates two multi-type hospitals  – “Ha –Sharon ” and “Beilinson”. The Center located within a 10-minute ride from tel-Aviv, in the town of Petah-Tikva. 

From the day of its establishment, the Rabin Medical Center has been setting pace for introducing novel therapeutic practices and advanced up-to-date medical procedures and technologies in Israel. The Rabin Medical Center meets the requirements of all the international standards and it has also been awarded the JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation.                                          .

Apart from its activities in the healthcare domain, the Rabin Medical Center is also engaged in performing in-house scientific research activities in the capacity of a department of the Tel-Aviv University medical faculty.

Alongside with such departments as  Cardiosurgery, Urology, Orthopedics, General surgery, Otolaryngology, and Neurosurgery, there also exist such independent specialized centers as  the Helen Shneider Gynecological Hospital – the largest reproductive health clinic  in Israel, the Davidov Oncocenter – employing innovative therapeutic and diagnostic technologies, the Felzeishtein Scientific Research Center, the Rekanti Genetics Institute, Israel’s largest Organs Transplantation Center and the Arthroscopy and Athletic Injury Clinic.

Some 9000 children are born in the Rabin Medical Center annually, more than 70% of all the organ transplantations in Israel being also performed thereby (150 patients a year on the average). The cardiosurgical department performs in excess 6000 operations a year, the oncocenter rendering help to 20% of all the oncology patients in the country, the ophthalmological department improving the eye-sight of 3000 чpatients annually through the performance of cataract and cornea transplantation operations, some 24000 patients undergoing genetic examination on an annual basis.

 The Rabin Medical Center performs in excess of 35000 operations per annum, the inpatient departments of the same admitting 100000 patients annually, which, on the average, makes 415000 hospitalization days, and the outpatient clinics taking care of some 650000 Israelis and foreign tourists a year.

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