The Rambam Medical Center presents a major multi-field treatment-diagnostic and rehabilitation center of Israel’s northern region, being located in the northern city of Haifa.
The Center has been recognized as one of the world’s best injury centers and a pace-maker in the domain of emergency medical aid.
The Rambam Medical Center comes out as an academic and scientific research base collaborating with the medical faculty of the world-renowned Technion Technological Institute.
The Center’s lines of activity are as follows: cardio-vascular surgery, cardiology, traumatic surgery, obstetrics and artificial fertilization, pediatrics, urology, пplastic surgery, etc.
The Rambam Medical Center comprises 36 departments, 45 therapeutic and diagnostic departments, 10 institutes and 6 laboratories. Annually, some 75 thousand inpatients undergo treatment here, another 500 thousand outpatients being taken care of by medical specialists of a variety of institutes and clinics, and the total annual number of operations amounting to 22000.

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