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There are various ways to move around Israel such as train, bus or taxi. However, arguably one of the most pleasant is through the use of a private car service. With professional chauffeurs who have years of experience and brand new comfortable cars for any taste and budget, they are a very good way of getting around Israel, whether it is to a doctor’s appointment, to a restaurant or other outing, or even a private excursion to one of the many historic sites in Israel. An important thing to add is that the chauffeurs are specially trained to work with people coming from abroad and are therefore both Russian and English speaking, which is a significant plus for those of us who do not speak Hebrew.


Aviv Dan Medical works specifically with those car services that have the absolute best reputation and who have proved to be both professional and competent in their profession throughout their many years in the field.


The automobiles on offer for your service are:


Skoda Superb

Volkswagen Passat

Mercedes Viano (7 seater)

Mercedes S class (222 model)

Mercedes Sprinter (16 seater)


Aviv Dan Medical most recommended car service:

  1. VIP Service


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