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Israel offers a wide array of entertainment options for people who want a little entertainment. 


Gesher Theater

The story of the Gesher theatre is one that knows not many, if any, other such examples throughout the world. It is an immigrant theatre company that continuously hosts productions in three languages, including and most prominently, Russian and Hebrew. The theatre itself and its founders and most of its troupe of actors, hail from Russia, bringing with them the culture of Russian theatre, known and admired by many theatre lovers around the world. Here, tourists hailing from Eastern Europe can see classical Russian plays acted out by an immensely talented and dedicated group of actors and directors.


Sarona Market

A newly opened food market in Tel Aviv created in the spirit of Chelsea Market (NYC). Sarona market is home to ninety-one different stores and restaurants, offering various foods and drinks. It is arguably home to the freshest and best quality produce in all of Tel Aviv and is a great place to take a stroll, grab a beer and immerse oneself in the culinary identity of the country.


Safari Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is home to a safari/zoo that is a great place for both children and adults alike. Offering the ability to drive through the habitats of various wild animals, both those which call Israel home, such as the desert fox and those that inhabit more exotic terrains, such as the African lion.


Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

The Tel Aviv Orchestra is a cultural HUB that has existed from the 1930’s. Since then it has been host to internationally renowned performers throughout the history of its existence. For lovers of orchestra and opera performances it is an absolute must to visit this world-renowned place of musical excellence.



Tel Aviv has beach weather nine out of 12 months of the year and is home to around twenty different beaches, each of which has its own personality. Beaches stretch from the north, on the border with Herzliya Pituach to the south where they border with Jaffo and then Bat Yam. It is quite possible to visit a new beach every day and not have enough time to see all of them throughout your vacation. However, if you have the chance to see all of the Tel Aviv beaches, don’t worry, the beaches continue from city to city stretching throughout the length of Israel. 



Tel Aviv Museum of Art             

For lovers of art the Tel Aviv Museum of art is the place to go in Israel. Arguably the best art museum that the country has to offer it has multiple interesting exhibits, showing priceless pieces from artists from around the world.


Yad Vashem

An impressive and comprehensive museum regarding the history of the holocaust, Yad Vashem is a truly impressive place. Hosting numerous rooms and exhibits showcasing interesting facts and figures it is a place that will leave you with an impression that will last a lifetime. The tragic history of the holocaust is an important part of the history of the Jewish people and if you find yourself in Israel, it is arguably one of the most impressive sites that you can see.

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