There is a tendency in all aspects of medicine and in all areas of the human body, across sexes, races, and ethnicities, where before we had infectious diseases as humanity’s greatest threat, nowadays, as modern medicine has done away with most of those past killers, we have seen the rise of an epidemic of oncological illness. Cancer has become the disease of our time! Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer in women, lung cancer, the most common cancer in men. There were 14.1 million new cancer cases in 2012 and there were also over 32 million people living with cancer that same year. Cancer is terribly frightening but what is important to note, is that in many cases, it is preventable and curable, especially with modern advances in medicine.

Cancer Research in Israel

Israel is one of the absolute leaders in cancer research in the world. Numerous innovations have come directly from research centers and hospitals located all over Israel. Presently, Israel is on the front lines of creating a new innovative method of fighting cancer. This new method is based on the premise of making cancer treatment more personalized, both in terms of the patient and the specific cancer cell.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

The type of cancer a person has – and how it can be treated – is no longer just about where in the body the cancer started, such as in the liver, prostate or breasts. More so in present times, than ever before, when specialists make a decision regarding how to fight a specific cancer, they are attacking the cancer with knowledge about the specific molecular and genetic makeup of their patient’s tumor.

Cancer is so complex that it has forced scientists to dig deep into the inner workings of human cell structure to figure out cancer’s many probable causes. Decades of advances in basic science, technology, therapeutics, and the understanding of the genetic causes of cancer have come together in recent years to make personalized cancer care possible.

This knowledge has allowed doctors to revolutionize cancer treatment from a standardized approach to a more targeted attack. Personalized cancer care is all about the idea of analyzing an individual patient’s tumor to determine what combination of treatments will work best.

When it comes to cancer, personalization can take several different forms:


Our Goal

The major goal of cancer research and of personalized cancer treatment is to give cancer patients the treatments that are most likely to work on their particular cancer, with fewer harmful side effects!


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