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Dr. Ilya Pekarski

Spineneuro Surgeon


Senior Surgeon at Assutta and Meir hospitals. 

Clinical Experience:

Key Areas of Expertise


Education Specialization:

Graduated RNIMU named Pirogov, Moscow, speciality – children and adult spinal surgery.

Training courses in Europe and the United States.


Participation Professional Organizations:

Israeli Orthopedic Association.
Israeli Spinal Association.
The European Spine Association.
The European Commission on specialization in Spine Surgery.

Dr. Pekarsky’s monthly basis is about 60 operations on the spine. Among patients of the doctor a large number of Russian athletes, politicians, businessmen, artists, and even well-known doctors.
Physicians rated the Israel Association for 2008-2011, Ilya Pekarsky recognized as the best spinal surgeon Israel.

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