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Dr. Sagi Harnof



Deputy Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Sheba, Tel Hashomer Hospital. 




Education and Training:

  • Graduated Medical School Sackler in Tel Aviv.
  • Practice at Sheba (Tel Hashomer) hospital, Israel.
  • Internship at the American Hospital of the University of Virginia (University of Virginia)- department of vascular diseases of the brain.


Participation in professional organizations:

  • Israeli Society of Neurosurgery
  • European Study Group on Intracerebral Hemorrhage EURONICH
  • FUS – association of focused ultrasound treatment


Honorable Mention


Dr Sagi Harnof is an innovator in the field of neurosurgery, constantly aiming to improve the possibilities of Neurosurgery to solve more and more problems of the brain. 

“One of the most fascinating areas [of neurosurgery] today is functional neurosurgery. This is surgery in which the objective is to change the functionality of the brain, rather than just remove tumors.” Innovations in this specific sub-field of neurosurgery can help people suffering from Parkinson’s, depression, Alzheimer’s, OCD, autism, addiction and more.

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