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Prof. Eyal Fenig



Head of the department of radiotherapy and radiosurgery cancer center in Rabin Medical Center.
Professor of Clinical Oncology, Medical Faculty of Tel Aviv University.



Education and Medical Practice:

Medicine at the Haifa Technion.
Specialization in Oncology held in Beilinson Hospital.
Internships and narrow specialization in the field of radiation therapy was held in Sloan Kettering Medical Center, New York, United States (MEMORIAL SLOAN KETERING CANCERCENTER).


Membership in Professional Associations:

American Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology
Association Israeli oncologists
Professor Fenig takes an active part in the research of new combinations of biological and himioterpevticheskih drugs with radiotherapy.
Professor Fenig first introduced in Israel on the basis of department of radiotherapy Cancer Center David latest technology of radiation therapy and radiosurgery, such as SRS, SBRT, IMRT, IGRT. His office treatment is carried out on the most modern ray accelerators TrueBeam and RapidArc.

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