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Prof. Gideon Goldman



Professor Gideon Goldman – Head of the department of proctology Ichilov Hospital.


Education and Specialization:

Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan. Specialization – proctology and pelvic floor surgery.
Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
Proctologic Hospital of St. Mark in London, UK. Specialization in colorectal surgery.
Harvard University (USA), a research department of surgery.
Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv residency – specialty – surgery.


The Main Directions of Activity of the Expert:

Clinical and surgical proctology,
surgery of the pelvic floor,
the treatment of peptic ulcer disease,
the treatment of peritonitis,
treatment pyloric stenosis.


Author of over 115 articles in professional journals and takes part in international medical conferences, seminars and forums. Academic activity is in Tel Aviv Medical University.

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