After many years of trying, our friends from Aviv Dan Medical helped my wife and I finally become happy parents!

  • Thank you, Danya, and everyone at Aviv Dan Medical
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I was recommended Aviv Dan Medical by a friend of mine after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C in Russia.

I had been suffering with bad tonsils and adenoids for years. I also had a deviated septum that was so bad that I would lose consciousness.

  • Had we not discovered the tumor in my brain, I am afraid to think of the potential consequences.
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I came to get a simple check up not having ever really done one, throughout my 69 years on this planet.

  • So once again, many thanks and all the best to the boys and girls at ADM
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I came to Aviv Dan Medical because I had been suffering with heart arrhythmia for many years.

  • I owe my current lifestyle to Dr. Luria and the guys at Aviv Dan Medical
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Throughout my initial examination the doctors in Israel managed to discover that I had not one but two primary malignant cancers.

  • I am so grateful to the team at ADM because primarily due to their diligence and their recommendations of supremely professional surgeons I was able to rid myself completely of the cancer that had managed to take hold of my body.
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I wanted to express my gratitude to Michael and Evgeniy at Aviv Dan Medical for helping me find the best doctor, prof Baniel, to perform my prostatectomy

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