Kristina K

I had been suffering with bad tonsils and adenoids for years. I also had a deviated septum that was so bad that I would lose consciousness while on flights. I came in touch with Aviv Dan Medical and not only did they help me with my problem through a rhinoplasty and a laser surgery on my tonsils but on the ct scan they also found a tumor in my brain. On a follow up MRI they saw that the tumor had grown at a very fast pace and an operation was needed. Two doctors operated on me and removed the tumor through my nasal passage, leaving me with no scar and saving me from a potentially life threatening illness. I am forever in debt to Aviv Dan Medical, as the finding of the tumor was an accidental occurrence that was due to the thoroughness of the doctor and the whole group at Aviv Dan Medical. Had it not been found at that time, I am afraid to think of the potential consequences.

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