Alexei L

I wanted to tell you how our friends from Aviv Dan Medical helped my wife and I understand the difference between Russian and Israeli medicine and become happy parents. I think that our experience will be interesting and useful to many people.

So, for years we wanted to conceive a child but we could not. We went to the gynecologist the andrologist (male reproductive specialist in Russia) and every other doctor we could think of. Every new doctor referred us to get new studies done and every time the verdict was the same: the mother is all right, the father being 50 years old, has obvious problems with conception due to his age, but there are medications to cure these problems and after a course of treatment, the test results will change dramatically and all will be well.

This went on for more than two years. Then all of the Russian doctors in one voice advised us to do IVF because they believed, to hope of conceiving naturally, we should not have.

We studied the question, and despite the numerous recommendations to address in St. Petersburg, where IVF is “no worse and cheaper,” we decided that we need to come to Israel, because the statistical likelihood of a successful procedure, the first time around there, is much higher than in the rest of the world.

We turned to our friends from Aviv Dan Medical, and they turned us to Dr. Shlomi Cohen Eilon. Of course, ADM organized all the logistics and accommodation so that we were comfortable and cozy in Israel during our medical procedures.

Dr. Cohen conducted the same study that was carried out before him by many Russian doctors and said he did not understand what the problem is, because our tests with my wife were absolutely normal (!). We were very surprised and clarified, whether in my test results there was some clue to the impossibility of conceiving because of age, to which the doctor was very surprised, and said that everything was normal. Then it turned out that no Russian doctor ever did an X-ray of reproduction on my wife and an ultrasound could not reveal the cause of our problems.

It was found that the obstacle to our happiness was an obstruction of pipes, which Dr. Cohen easily and naturally eliminated during an endoscopic laparoscopy, after which the normal state of health of my wife restored literally on the 4th day after the operation. At the hospital, by the way, we spent, during, before and after surgery from 6-00 to 16-00 on the same day.

After being let out of the hospital my wife lay down in an apartment with a beautiful view of the sea, and waited for the uncomfortable sensation to pass.

A pregnant wife, two months after the operation, in a natural way, as predicted by Dr. Cohen, who said, as we said our goodbye’s, “If for some reason you still have problems, come to me, I will make of IVF, but I don’t think it will be necessary.”

I think it is not necessary to say that after this experience all the required fetal screenings, were done in Israel with the help of our friends from Aviv Dan Medical, and now we have a perfectly healthy, growing daughter.

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