Tatiana V

I was recommended Aviv Dan Medical by a friend of mine after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C in Russia. I was scared that I had an incurable, life-threatening illness, as Hepatitis C is considered to be in Russia but i decided to come and get a second opinion in Israel. I met with Prof Ziv Ben-Ari who assured me that there was nothing life threatening about my illness and that most likely I had been living with the virus for more than 25 years. She recommended that I do a FibroTest and FibroScan, which is a new method of diagnosing the state of ones liver and it showed that my liver showed no scarring and was basically healthy. Prof Ben Ari also told me about the new methods of curing the disease which have almost no side-effects and have a 95%+ success rate and which I could easily take whilst back in Russia. I was amazed by the level of warmth and personal attention that I was given by the team at Aviv Dan Medical and hopefully I will be starting the treatment soon. I would highly recommend Aviv Dan Medical to anybody who is thinking about getting treatment in Israel.

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